You see this life we are living, you need to live it happily and in peace. Do you know why? If you don’t, that’s the rate at which you would be scared of dying. You would feel you’ve not accomplished enough and that there is so much more you’ve not done that you have been wanting to do. All of this would merge and make you fear death. Especially these days that CoronaVirus is roaming all around. 

Right now, lots of people are suffering from death anxiety. This is because of the pandemic. Death anxiety includes the fear of dying, fear of losing someone you love, and fear of losing your family because the coronavirus pandemic has been taking a lot of lives.

Right now, we live in uncertain times. We don’t know what tomorrow shall bring. The experience Covid-19 has brought has made our daily routines completely different from what is usually supposed to be.

In this article, we would like to talk about how we can all manage our fear of dying from COVID-19.

Ways to Manage Your Fear and Anxiety of Dying from COVID-19

1. Seek Sources of Hope and Happiness

Yes, the times are hard right now. Yes we don’t know what tomorrow holds. But still, this doesn’t mean where we are right now is so bad. It doesn’t mean we are feeling pain or we have close family members or relatives that are suffering from the coronavirus. Even if we do, they are still living, they are still fighting and winning the battle. With time and hope, they will soon start feeling better. You should be there for them; show them you’ve got their back so they don’t feel the pressure, and help relieve the feelings of anxiety by shining happiness towards them.

2. Stay Safe

You and all your loved ones should follow precautions. Follow the guidelines stated by your state and your country. At times you’ve been told not to go out and go stay indoors; simply do just that. When you need to go to the supermarket or places that have high levels of risk where you could contact the disease, go to these places safely. Wear your face masks, and move around with sanitizers. You could even buy hand gloves so when you get to places that have high risk, you make use of the gloves. Then when you get home, you get rid of the gloves safely. Do this for yourself and your family. This would help reduce the feelings of anxiety and death from the pandemic.

We fully understand how scary it is. Watching the news, going on social media, and the entire stress it all comes with are significant factors. We just want to tell you things will be fine. The world is resuming. Schools worldwide are opening. Markets are also opening. You should have nothing to fear. Brace up; this life isn’t easy, but you were born to conquer.