There are so many levels to saying no that you and many people find it challenging to do it to say. This is why I will be writing this article. To explain the reason it is so difficult to tell someone no. I would also tell you the reasons I think you should tell people no. 

Why it is tough for us to say No 

No is not a little word. It could be tough to say at times. More often than not, we have this need and this desire to connect with many people around us instantly. This connection is quite essential for us to survive. We end up worrying that if we say no, it would end up breaking these bonds. We are scared that the other person we had this bond with might be a friend or a family member, might feel offended or might feel like we rejected them, and then they would take it personally. The thing with saying no ends up stirring extremely negative emotions of both guilt and embarrassment. 

To avoid these feelings, we usually always say yes even when we do not want to. It might go against how we feel, against our ethics, but we sadly cannot help ourselves. 

Please don’t assume that it is our fault not. The reason you need to start saying no is that you need to protect your very own self-image. You do know that we all have our own stories. You know—the levels of our identity. You could be someone that loves to help people with a hand if they need help. You could be a mom that is highly involved with her kids and all of that. Whenever someone asks for help, and you refuse, this would leave you asking yourself a question. Am I making this person around me feel bad? If I am making this person feel bad, this means I am a terrible person. And all other associated thoughts could follow these types of studies. You don’t need to stress yourself with all of these thoughts. I would show you all you have to gain when saying no, even if you don’t want to. 

What to gain when you Say No

You feel better; you feel happier; you feel more content with yourself. Have you noticed that whenever you say Yes, Yes, Yes to everything, you hurt yourself? And in this life that we live, we need to regard ourselves as number one. We need to care for our physical and mental health. Don’t go burning yourself to make someone else feel warm. Do you understand? So whenever someone asks you for something, maybe a favor or help them handle a chore or something you do not want to do or something you do not feel like doing. You could kindly tell them you know and explain to them why you think this way. This way you don’t get to feel bad or hurt the feelings of those around you.