The feeling of being so attracted to a person could be something that comes easily. Even though it may not sound like the wisest thing, sometimes you just can’t control your feelings that so early into a relationship, your mind already creates fantasy images of you and the person you are dating. You start to feel you are finally in love and you have met the one person to complete you. But when things don’t end up going the exact way you thought in the relationship, you start to feel annoyed about catching feelings too fast. Even when you go for a new date, it only takes you a few hours to make your feelings gush out again. But why do you catch feelings so fast when dating. Read through as the following subtopics are explained:

  • Why do you catch feelings so fast when dating?
  • How to stop catching feelings so fast when dating.

Why do you catch feelings so fast when dating:

There are lots of reasons why this could be happening but let’s go through some of the most common causes.

  • Physical attraction:

When you newly meet a person, the first trait to be noticed is his/her physical look. You may be carried away about how the person’s physical appearance suits the type you’ve been dreaming of that you don’t care as much about getting to know his/her other inner qualities before catching feelings

  • Neglect: If you’ve had feelings of neglect probably while growing up, meeting a person who seems to have really nice characters that make you feel the neglected feeling has been replaced with a better feeling, it will only take a short period of time to catch feelings for the person. 
  • Trust: You may feel that since you are a really nice person, you’ll expect the same from the person you are dating. You trust people easily so much that you can’t point out the negative qualities of the person and you easily develop feelings for them.
  • Drawn to the first impression: When meeting a person, you get a first impression. If the first impression you get is a character you always wanted from the person you are dating, you could easily catch feelings. Especially if it’s one thing you lacked in your former relationship, you could quickly feel like you have found the person you have been searching for. 

How to stop catching feelings so fast when dating:

  • Use your mind not your heart: The heart could move you to quickly get attracted to someone without thinking. Take a second to think if it’s actually worth it or something you want.
  • Take things slowly: Try to really get to know the other person. Focus on not just the outer appearance but also the inner qualities. Don’t think that everyone is nice and going to genuinely love you
  • Give yourself a break: don’t rush into a new relationship after leaving one. Discover Yourself and know what you want. Embrace your singleness and know your worth. 


Sometimes, our emotions take control over us. Catching feelings for the person you are dating happens so quickly that it seems you think more with your heart than your mind. There are certain most likely reasons for that and spotting the reasons can help find solutions to it. Some reasons and solutions have been explained above to guide you.