So many people are in a suffering relationship. How do I mean? Some individuals have decided to remain in a relationship they know has no future for them, but they find it difficult to leave. They prefer to suffer at the hands of their partner and remain unhappy.

Suffering in this context does not only mean physical suffering, but it deals with many emotional, mental, and psychological effects. Read to the end of this article if you feel this way and want to know how and when to leave a relationship.

When To Leave A Relationship

Living on memories-:

If you always replay memories to make yourself happy, it clearly shows that you are not happy in your relationship. It is not every time a person will be happy, sometimes we might argue with our partner, but when we see that there is no happiness in the present for so long, we need to watch out if that relationship is falling apart.

Relying on memories for our happiness Is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. So before it affects you negatively, try to fix it; if it is not working, it is advisable to stop such a relationship.

Felling More Of Pain Than Joy-:

As they say, love is blind, but this should not be our case because if we are blinded by the happy moments in the past, we may tend not to see what is coming ahead of us in the future. If you are upset, unhappy, and regularly frustrated in a relationship, that is not the right person for you.

The right person will never want to see you unhappy every time. Any relationship you are in should bring you joy and happiness, not the opposite. Do not be blindfolded with memories that you fail to see the suffering you have endured for long.

Waiting For Your Partner To Change-:

If you patiently stay in a relationship and hope that a miracle will happen, you will be a new individual. It is just a waste of time because a character is not something to change overnight. This attitude shows that the person has not met your expectations. It means that you and the person are deceiving each other.

It takes many years to train a boy into becoming a responsible, mature human talk more of an adult changing into your taste; therefore, you are in this relationship for the wrong reason. In a relationship, you need to accept the person the way they are; if not is better to leave such a relationship.

When The Person Adds No Value To The Relationship-:

  1. A relationship is meant to be built by two hardworking and committed individuals who care and support one another. But, when a situation comes that the other person is showing no support or value to the relationship, then there is a problem.

A relationship is not meant for only one person to do all the workings. There will not be any respect from the other unsupportive partner. So if you notice your relationship is turning to be something that causes headache, stress, anxiety, the best thing to do is leave such a relationship.


A relationship can be sweet and frustrating sometimes, but we need to ensure we are in the right relationship. We need to find and look out if we are not being played and never be blinded by love because it can make us not see the opposing sides in an unhealthy relationship.