Transcendental Meditation, TM  is a natural, effortless, and simple meditation technique for promoting mental relaxation. It promotes a state of calm and relaxed awareness by bringing you to a state of pure consciousness. TM focuses on directing your attention inward, beyond your thoughts. It was discovered from the ancient Vedic tradition by the late Maharishi Mahesh. The meditator is required to use a mantra to help the mind settle naturally and transcend out of disturbing thoughts.

Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness doesn’t focus on breathing, concentration, or chanting like other meditation techniques. Instead, it encourages you to transcend your thoughts to get into a relaxed state of mind. It helps you to achieve perfect stillness, order, rest,  and stability, with no mental boundaries or thoughts.

It is quite different from regular mindfulness meditation, which is done to achieve focus and concentration. With Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness, you simply give yourself away and allow your thoughts to transcend. Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness is a great meditation technique for stress-triggered illnesses, including high blood pressure and anxiety.

How Does Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness Work?

Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness is done in a comfortable position while you practice the ability to go beyond the thoughts in your mind. The meditator repeats a mantra while moving past their thoughts naturally.

Mantra is a suitable sound (i.e., Om) and specific thought that suits you. It allows you to experience the thought of the sound and you start reducing your own thought until the source of your thought is fathomed and your mind arrives at the transcendental state of being- a relaxed/calm state.

You aren’t trying to empty your mind or practice mindfulness, you only need a mantra with a sound that can transcend your thoughts naturally. It’s the simplest form of meditation, you can do it even if you can’t meditate. You don’t need concentration to practice Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness.

Practicing Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness for 15 – 20 minutes times daily can help to manage stress effectively. Regular participation will make you calm and see through situations better. This technique is absolutely effortless, making it easy for anyone and everyone to practice.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness

Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness is associated with mental and physical health. Some of the benefits of TM include the following.

·       Stress Management: TM is known to help achieve a high degree of calm. It automatically cuts off your stress level and makes you calm.

·       Heart Health: the heart stands to enjoy many benefits from the effects of Transcendental Meditation. It normalizes the heart rate and maintains blood pressure.

·       Brain Support: It promotes brain functioning and relief from anxiety. Repeating mantra can observe your mental content and notch down anxiety. Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness has proven to help mental conditions like insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and even Alzheimer’s. It turns on the whole brain and makes it function as a holistic unit.

The result of Transcendental Meditation Mindfulness is a happy, healthy, life. Practicing it makes you efficient and productive.