Mental health. Our jam. Now, today I’ll be talking about three unique components of mindfulness. Generally, mindfulness needs to develop these three essential properties. 

List of the Three Components of Mindfulness

  1. The specific intention is for one to be aware and to remain aware over and over again. 
  2. To understand and pay attention to what’s happening at the moment by observing their sensations, feelings, and thoughts as they flow and arise. 
  3. I have an attitude that is kind, curious, and not judgemental. 

How can one gain these outstanding Mindfulness Components

One could get these fantastic Mindfulness components by doing the following;


Even if you need just five minutes for you to sit and then follow your breathing patterns quietly, these could quickly help you feel connected and conscious all through your day. 

It would be best if you tried focusing on a single thing at a particular time. 

This means you would need to calm down—no more multitasking. Gently and peacefully do one thing and then after you are done with that thing, let it go and do the next. Be like me. Do the one after the other thing. Put all your strength and might and the best you can into a single item, and then after that thing is done, you move to the next. 

Mindfully eat 

This means when you are eating your meals, all you should think about would be to consume your meals. No more, no less. 

It would be best if you kept the time of both your computer and your phone in check. 

This way, you simultaneously work with both devices at the same time, without any stress whatsoever. 

Always make sure you move. 

You can do this with incredible soothing music. Music also gives you acceptable levels of endorphins that would help you feel great as you move around. 

Do you spend time with nature? 

Nature can be a wonderful thing. One of these days, get on up out and feel the fresh breeze. Let the lavender plants touch your skin, and you’ll know you are at home indeed in the midst of nature. 

How to always remain mindful?

Make sure you do all you need to before you sleep off. Do not fill your day with too much to do. Be intentional about having peace of mind. Do not let anyone take your peace. You either talk to them about it or make sure they stay the hell away from you. Always look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can do this and that you’ve got this. 

What is the definition of someone Mindful? 

Being someone mindful means, you are entirely aware of all the emotions and the thoughts you’ve got. Also, the way you are feeling mentally and physically. It also means that you are aware of the feelings and ideas in the absence of judgment. 

Knowing that there is no wrong or right way to feel reasonable means you are a mindful person. Reading this piece alone makes you a conscious person.