What is mindfulness? Some might ask, this refers to paying a lot of attention to some specific thought intentionally. Also putting your attention into the present moment without judgment.

There are a lot of ways one could be mindful. This article would show you skills you can practice daily.

Mindfulness Skills

1.     Practice mindfulness during routine activities.

You could bring your thoughts intentionally doing the activities you do on a normal day.

For example, you could pay more attention when you’re taking your bath, brushing your teeth, walking around, eating breakfast, and a lot of other things. Put your thoughts into the sound, smell, taste, and feel of these daily things you do. You could find them more interesting than you’ve imagined.

2.     Practice just when you wake up.

Practicing mindfulness just when you wake up in the morning helps you with the tone and organizes your nervous system all day long. You could have a lot of mindful moments all through the day. Make sure you do things you enjoy for those magical mindful moments to come.

3.     Allow your mind to wander.

Your brain and mind on a good day wander naturally. Like a puppy or a toddler. This is very good, as having a busy brain is one of our greatest assets as people. The beneficial brain has a lot of changes that could be seen. It feels great to watch your mind wander, and then slowly watching without judgment and with love bringing it back to your stable consciousness.

4.     Keep it short.

Our brains work very well to short mindful bursts. Being more mindful with short periods works way better than being mindful for a long period. Starting with some short minutes would help you better than going straight for two hours.

It is just like tuning in your body to the vibe of something else, like music or to a dance video. Or focusing on how your shoes feel on your feet the second you put it on. Or thinking about the feeling of your cream on your body as you rub it in.

5.     Practice mindfulness while you wait.

It is great to practice mindfulness while you’re waiting for something to occur. In our lives these days, everything happens very fast, waiting could be a huge source of frustration. You could get stuck in traffic or you might be waiting in line for someone or something. While you’re waiting, try putting your attention to your breath and focus on how air flows in and flows out. Moment to moment and to try to enjoy being patient without being irritated or annoyed at the present situation. Just try to stay calm and be at utter peace. Even though everywhere or everything is in chaos, practicing mindfulness would work best here. You’ll enjoy these practices you’ve done later when you remember that period you were waiting in line.