Self realization is a journey that takes us through different phases and stages of learning about yourself until you can confidently answer the question of “who am I?” as simple as this question may seem, it is far from it. 

A lot of people have different answers to this question as a result of looking at different aspects of themselves, however, the answer to this question is not based on only one part of your life or on the things that you experience in your life but it has to do with a deeper more fundamental part of yourself. 

Just as we introduced to you the keys to the journey to self realization in an earlier blog post, here we expand on those ideas and offer deeper insight on this path to healing and self-identity.

The 5 Steps on the Journey to Self-Realization


This is the realization of humility within oneself. It is the ability to destroy the attitude which makes you believe that you are better than anyone else and helps you to understand that every single person is an active part of your life. This level of growth helps you to remain grounded and leaves you malleable and easy to learn, even from the most basic things and situations. It also helps to foster a sense of kinship with other people, as it is ultimately based on a larger sense of understanding.


Being honest with people is one of the things that helps us to relate better with people. As mentioned in the first article we published about the journey to self realization, being honest with ourselves helps us to not only grow better but also to have a better understanding of who we are as individuals. Being completely honest with yourself allows you to really see yourself as you truly are, your strengths and weaknesses, and it helps you to know where and how to work on growing. It also helps to put our egos in check.

Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

It is commonly said that we as individuals are our own greatest critics, and this is the absolute truth. We tend to see ourselves through the eyes and perceptions of others and as a result, we criticize ourselves to the point of pushing ourselves to the wall. The act of self-acceptance is aimed at accepting yourself for all that you are and all that you are not, and loving who you see in the mirror through your own eyes. This realization would then help you to grow and work on other aspects of your life in the healthiest and self-loving way possible.


The act of self-forgetfulness is more or less the act of selflessness in training. This is learning the act of forgetting about yourself and serving others in the fullest of your ability and capacity. The best example of this is the unconditional love of a mother for her child.


This is the final step of the journey to self realization, and this is what point when you finally realize what you are meant for as that is the true indication of who you truly are.The steps to self-realization are not easy to follow, they are hard and they require a great deal of discipline; however, if you follow through then the immense joy at the end of the tunnel would be completely worth it. To get centered, try these mindfulness images to help you relax.