Who do you see when you look in the mirror? You are who you say you are!

Self-identification is a powerful cord everyone needs to string rightly. Your identity begins with how you see yourself, what you call yourself, and what you say about yourself. How you see yourself determines everything you do and which way you head out to in life.

The truth is that you need to see yourself before the world sees you. You need to say who you are for everyone around you to confirm your identity. See the simplest form of identification as an example; if you introduce yourself to your class as your name, everyone calls you by your name, because that is what you call yourself.

In essence, the world can easily hand you an identity if you do not show or tell the world who you are. The most important lenses and filters to view yourself in are your own eyes. Know that the world doesn’t make you, rather you make your own world. Now, what you make of the world begins with how you identify yourself, which is what matters more than anything. So it is important to have positive self-identification forms!

How You See Yourself is How People See You

This is because every human radiates different energies. The kind of energy you radiate is determined by how you see yourself. Others feel this energy and relate with you according to the energy. For instance, if you see yourself as a broken person you unconsciously act broken and feel out of place. People read this energy and treat you as such. The expectation sets in your mind, and that negative self-image manifests.

How You See Yourself Is Everything

You may not be able to control people to like or hate you. You may not be able to control how people treat you. You may not able to control what they think of you. This is because everyone is taking the time to put their own energy out there. The most important thing is that you focus on what you have the power to control, which is how you see yourself.

Your true self is who you are when you let go of all labels, judgment, resentment, or fear that you have placed upon yourself; it is the natural you. How you feel when no one is there, how you feel when no one is looking and when your soul is bare, without you being pretentious or trying to please another, is the REAL you.

Are you thinking positively or negatively about yourself? If you are thinking negatively, you need to shut that thought from now. See yourself as the best. Speak to yourself, inspire yourself with positive affirmations, say who you are to yourself. You need to begin to see yourself in a better light from now. Look in the mirror and admire how beautiful, smart, and strong you are.

Everyone in the world can tell you that you are intelligent, beautiful, talented, and smart, but you may not be happy with who you are if you do not see it. Look deep, see yourself, and hold onto it because that is your identity!