With the help of mindfulness images, you can utilize all your senses to build up various images in your mind. These mindful visualization techniques help in relaxing your body and brain as what you visualize seems like real (like envisioning a serene beach scene) and will help you to relax. It does not mean that during this practice you will be smelling, hearing or touching things. But, you will be visualizing imagery that makes you feel relaxed and happy relating to each sense. 

What is Mindfulness?

First, it’s important to explain mindfulness. In short, it is your full attention to everything that is happening to you and around you in the current moment. For instance, it’s what you see, smell, hear, feel, or taste in a given instance of time. It is a concentrated act of living in the present without judgement and without worrying about the past or future. To some, it is a form of meditation, which helps calm your body and improve overall concentration. Mindfulness can decrease your heart rate, respiratory patterns, blood pressure, and more because of a deep mind-body connection.

Benefits of Mindfulness Images

Why is it so important to clear your mind? It has been proven that visualization exercises or imagery meditation may help in relieving stress, pain, and insomnia. It is even used for surgery patients to calm their body and mind before surgery. This practice is multi-sensory. This means that the practitioner can get in touch with their own subconscious level of self wisdom. Many people also practice mindfulness to help focus and perform their best work. 

How to Start with Mindfulness Images

The more you practice mindfulness images, the more natural the process tends to become. Before starting, make sure you are in a calm atmosphere where you feel comfortable and quiet. You can also include some soft music if it helps you to concentrate on a particular visualization.  

Next, place your hands on your chest as an anchor for the guided exercise of visualization. It has been found that practicing guided imagery meditation for about 10 minutes can produce a lot of benefits. 

Try to practice it every day, whenever you get free time. You can also practice it in between your work for improving your concentration. You can start by thinking about your most favorite daydream and imagine that it is coming to life. Start step-by-step and you may see some results within just a few days.