Mindfulness, let’s go. This article talks about mindfulness exercises with which couples could take part in. Let me list some of them out.

I am practicing mindfulness at home. 

Most of these mindfulness techniques I’ll teach you now would need you to settle and do them. You can do all of them at home.

Let’s start with disconnecting.

Fling your phones somewhere else. When you are with your partner, you don’t want your phone to come and start stressing your lovely relationship. You should remain in the moment and talk properly with your partner. 

Actively Listen 

Instead of using speed to think about the next thing you would say, you should settle and listen to your partner is saying. After they are done, you should ask questions because you know deep down you’re a curious person.

You know you should be grateful. 

Notice all the periods when your partner makes you feel great and be grateful for those lovely moments.

You should be quiet.

It would help if you enjoyed being quiet together. You don’t need to talk ALL THE TIME. 

Respond to your partner.

Instead of responding with emotions or anger, you should take a breath and appropriately respond using rational ways to issues that come up or those that affect the challenges you both face. 

You should have a vision. 

You should make a list of ten to twenty ways that you’ll want to interact with each other in some years to come, like how people support their partner’s growth. You can do something great and together once monthly. 

Both of you should engage in behaviors that include lots of care. 

It would help if you asked your partner all the things that make them feel awesome. You should be committed to doing this thing—things like holding hands while walking across the streets or purchasing flowers. 

Have you tried seeing the world through your partner’s eyes?

You should slow down your halts for two seconds and look at your Boo through their eyes. You could adequately notice beautiful things about your baby that you take for granted. You can start falling in love again. 

Look into his eyes 

Just take some minutes and look into your partner’s eyes. This type of extended gaze using eyes would increase the levels of oxytocin in your body. These hormones increase your levels of bonding. 

Hug Each Other 

When you see one another after a stressful day. Before saying anything. Just enjoy a very long hug. Don’t stop till you’re both relaxed. This would adequately engage your vagus nerve, you know. This also activates your relaxation response. 

Have a mindful conversation.

When you’re talking to one another, don’t judge and be completely open-minded. You have an intense conversation and laugh like babies. Make sure you’re present, and you remain in the moment without judging or reacting. That would help you in more ways than you can imagine, my dear.