Self-realization, or the fulfillment of one’s potential, is the meeting of the soul with the spirit. It is a spiritual liberation that frees you of your negativity and helps you attain a divine feeling of serenity and peace. The journey to self-realization is sought by practitioners of Buddhism, among many other spiritual and cultural traditions.

We live in a world where negativity is dominant. Bodies and minds are so involved in worldly activities and pleasures that spiritual health is ignored. Your true self is then surrounded by walls which keeps it away from achieving liberation.

The journey to self-realization requires dedication. You must be sure and steady to walk this road.

4 Steps on the Journey to Self Realization


You must ensure to keep the right attitude. The first step in the journey to self-realization is understanding that all beings are equal, and just because you are practicing meditation or you are walking the path of self-realization does not mean that you are superior to the others. Your humbleness defines you.


When you walk on the spiritual path, you begin to realize that your ego has often led you to misunderstand situations. The source of the problem lies within us, but our ego does not let us be honest with ourselves and we often tend to blame the outside world for the problems we face.

In spiritually-focused books like “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle, he speaks about how letting go of the ego, which feeds our earthly wants and needs, beliefs and perspectives, comparisons to others, and self-identifiers. By releasing your ego, you’ll find internal peace by just “being” and existing in the moment.


In order to plan your destination, you must know exactly where you stand today. Spiritual journeys can only start when you accept the good and the bad in yourself and are willing to change any shortcomings. Joining a support group can help you achieve this step, which is actually one of The 12 Steps in AA and Al-Anon programs.


The most important step in the journey to self-realization is surrendering yourself to peace and joy. You must be able to look at the beauty in small things. Great joys come from tiny things. Watching the beauty of Mother Nature or experiencing the joy in bringing a smile on someone’s face requires you to forget yourself and place others before you. You must learn to forget yourself and act selflessly. One way to help achieve this is by practicing meditation with mindfulness images, or pay attention to the mindful movements yoga teaches us. The act of simply breathing and living in the moment can bring much inner peace.

The journey to self-realization involves spiritual liberation and for that one must learn to look beyond superficial glory. They key to the journey to self-realization is accepting where you are and having the determination to reach where you want to be. It requires consistency and perseverance.

As the name itself says – “self-realization” means understanding your true self and realizing what areas you need to work on to achieve divine spiritual peace. A lot goes into freeing the spirit of the clutches of worldly pleasures, and the 4 keys mentioned above are among the main aspects of this journey.