When the mind is occupied with too many thoughts, falling asleep becomes a difficult task – especially if you have insomnia. Oftentimes, we notice that we want to fall asleep, but the thoughts in our mind just do not let us do so. That’s where hypnotizing yourself to sleep may come in handy.

A Brief History of Hypnotizing Yourself to Sleep

Even in ancient times, people had a hard time falling asleep. Around the early 1700s, people discovered a way to put themselves to sleep by controlling their minds. However, ancient cultures regarded it as the influence of the devil or witchcraft. Meditation has been well known to calm the mind and help you relax, but when it was used to help you fall asleep, people thought it had association with dark magic.

Why Try Hypnotizing Yourself to Sleep?

Hypnotizing yourself to sleep is possible! The mind controls the body, and in order to keep yourself peaceful and calm, you must learn to control your mind.

If you want to fall asleep, you can easily train your mind to free itself of all thoughts and adapt to peace. The art of hypnotizing yourself to sleep is quite useful in today’s time as people often have extremely high stress levels that prevent them from having a good sleep.

Sleep experts recommend a combination of relaxation, focus, imagery, and suggestion to help make yourself fall asleep.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Sleep

  • Lie down in a place where noise is minimum. Silence helps you focus better.
  • You will notice that in this silence, your mind is flooded with many thoughts and you think about a hundred things at once. Now close your eyes and gather all your attention to just one positive thought. Think of something that calms you like maybe a beautiful garden or focus on a painting you love. Your entire focus energy shall be on that one thing.
  • Now inhale and exhale deeply. Oxygen helps you relax your mind and body and helps you fall asleep better. Every time you inhale, think of positive energies like peace, relaxation, calmness and every time you exhale, tell your mind to throw out all the negative vibes.

Slowly and gradually your mind will be free of all disturbing thoughts and you will become unaware of your inhaling and exhaling. You will begin to fall asleep without even knowing it!

Moreover, hypnotizing yourself to sleep helps you have better sleep you wake up feeling fresh and energetic. Good night, and sweet dreams!