Planning a wedding, a ceremony, and a honeymoon while in a full-time job is very stressful. You have so much to organize and some schedule to make. You’re irritable, you’re tired, and everything everyone, including your fiancé is annoying. Pre-wedding jitters are normal.

Planning a wedding is extremely difficult. You’ll try to please your parents, your fiancé, your future in-laws, and friends. Majority of people do not have experience in planning a wedding or an important party. And since this is an important day to you, you want everything to be very perfect.

See how to manage wedding jitters below.

Having Difficulty Eating

Whenever we are anxious, we often feel like we have butterflies in our stomach, we become restless and don’t have appetite to eat. You should know that it is important to eat for strength and energy. Even crackers and peanut butter will go a long way. So eat and get the strength you need.

Trouble Sleeping

Being anxious brings various thoughts, and this tends to be exaggerated when you’re in a quiet environment such as whenever you want to go to sleep. There are plenty of free online apps to download in order to enable you to get some sleep. Try an app that focuses on meditation or relaxation, rather than an app with just music. Also, try to take some deep breaths when in your bed and focus on relaxing your muscles in your body.

Having Difficulty Concentrating

When there are lots of things running through your mind, you tend to have difficulty concentrating on a particular activity at a time. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, try to focus on the task you need to complete for that short time. If there’s any distracting thought that is running through your mind at that moment, write them down so that you can think about it after you might have completed the necessary task.

Become Clumsy

Having difficulty concentrating can result in clumsiness. Try as much as you can to focus on what’s before you at the moment, and get rid of any distracting thoughts. If this is done, then you’ll be able to focus more fully.

Preoccupied with Details about the Wedding Itself

Make a checklist for yourself that you go over with either your fiancé or someone whom you know can be of help. You can share with a trusted friend or relative so that it is off your head. Do not be worried about anything. It is true that you may be worried that your day won’t go as planned; it may also be that you may not have fun, because it can also be that your two families may not get along well. If this is your anxiety, make a checklist to go over a week or two before the wedding, so that you make sure you have everything fixed that is bothering you. Once all this is done, the only job remaining is to enjoy your wedding.

To save you a lot of stress, you may also want to hire a professional wedding planner.