Oh yeah, it’s stress ball time. These stress balls are malleable and fun guys which are wonderful to help in relieving stress. Both children and adults can squeeze these toys in their hands. These could be done by moving their fingers around to relieve tension from muscles, stress and to exercise their hands. Beyond being a toy, stress balls could help one feel relaxed and reduce one’s very stressful day and one’s blood pressure. You could just throw one in your bag or on your desk. This could help you relieve yourself from stress when the stress comes. 

This piece would be showing us how we can make our stress ball at home. You could settle and create your stress ball using creative ways. You could make a playful and squishy item. You could even customize your own using your best color. Like blue cause, this color is quite calm. You could also add stickers or patterns which are colored. 

What are the things you would need 

  1. A cup of Cornstarch 
  2. A small round ballon 
  3. Some materials
  4. A permanent marker 
  5. Scissors 
  6. Funnel  

Steps to follow

You should Blow your Ballon till it reaches four to five inches in diameter. Don’t tie this yet. Simply keep the balloon inflated as best as you can. 

Pinch everything close. As you pinch the balloon shut, about one to two inches from the opening, you can then leave the room for the funnel to get inserted into the neck of the balloon. If you do not have someone to help you, you could make use of a clip to pinch the ballon. 

This is now where you get to insert the Funnel. You should place your Funnel inside the opening part of the balloon as you still pinch the balloon closed. You could need some help securing the funnel inside the ballon. You shouldn’t worry if your ballon reduces in size a little bit. This could happen all through this step. 

This is where you fill your ballon using cornstarch.

You should fill the top part of your Funnel using cornstarch and your other free hand. You could get help from someone around. This works properly when you add the cornstarch gently. 

This is when you with ease release your pinched fingers. You should with ease carefully replace the air here using cornstarch by letting go slowly of the part of the ballon you were pinching. This would allow the cornstarch to slide into it. Here if you go too fast, the air inside the balloon would blow the cornstarch into the air. You would be left with an unnecessary mess. 

You can keep adding cornstarch to the funnel till the balloon is filled to a depth of like three inches. You could keep adding little amounts of Cornstarch to your Funnel. Little by little. You could then swirl the cornstarch around using your fingers to help you work these into the base part of the funnel and to the ballon.