I hope you know and understand the fact that anger is an entirely healthy and normal emotion. But what you need to understand is that you need to deal with anger in a highly positive way. Anger is worse than all the seven deadly sins combined because it is like a normal emotion, happiness or sadness. Having uncontrolled anger could take a severe toll on both your relationships and your excellent health. 

Today I’ll be teaching you how to Control anger whenever you feel angry, especially when you are in a relationship. If these feelings of anger are stressing either your relationship or work or causing problems, I’ll teach you some fantastic tips that would help you control your anger. You’ll be glad you read this. 

List of tips to Control Anger in a Relationship 

  1. You need to settle and have thoughts before you speak whenever you’re angry. 

Do not rush and say whatever you feel like when in a bad mood or angry. Just try to calm down. Count from one to ten in your head. You could count it out loud if you desire and then gently say what you need to. Your tone when conversing is fundamental too. 

  1. You need always talk about whatever made you upset 

For me speaking if I am in a bad mood or I’m angry, after taking my quiet time, I tell whoever pissed me off precisely what they did wrong or what happened. This helps things flow and ends up making me feel better in no time. And I am sure this would work for you too. 

  1. Have you tried using humor to get rid of the tension 

If someone calls you annoyed, you could use humor to tell them what they did wrong. This way, it’s a win-win situation. Have you ever had angry sex before? If you want to have angry sex with someone you are in a relationship with, you would need to use humor to tell them what they did wrong and watch how everything would become better in minutes. 

  1. It would be best if you took a dignified time out. 

We all need time-outs. Not just kids, you know. Everyone needs to be left alone and relax and look to the ceiling to think about themselves for a bit. This genuinely helps, especially if there is tension or anger in the area you know. 

  1. Have you tried exercising? 

Exercising helps in getting rid of all that pent-up anger. You work it out and watch yourself remain fit and kicking the ass out of whatever made you angry. When your partner notices you are working out sore, they would come and either work out with you or know that you are pissed. 

  1. It would be best if you tried practicing relaxation skills. 

These relaxation skills would help you feel good, feel fine, and would help you relax. There’s always yoga. 

And in the end, make sure you never hold a grudge. Someone hurts you. You let them know and clear it all out.