Finally, I get to write this piece. You know, when I was looking for materials on this piece, I was going through an Anxiety Attack myself. And then, I read through what this piece had to offer, and before I knew it, I started feeling better immediately. Well, today, I’ll show you how to Calm an Anxiety Attack down as soon as possible. Let’s do this. 

Ways you can calm an anxiety attack

Start by Breathing

You could make use of the four – seven – eight breathing technique. Try this by breathing in for four seconds, holding your breath for about seven seconds. Exhaling slowly for eight seconds and then repeating the entire process after you are done with the last one. When you do this like four to five times before you know it, you would be feeling better already, and your anxiety attack would have flowed away. 

Have you tried giving names to what you are feeling? 

You could be going through a severe anxiety attack. Who knows, it might have popped or stressed you in the past. You need to know that if you name what you are feeling, you will know when it comes back again. Think about this feeling like a harmful or toxic friend that you know their name. Whenever this friend tries to do anything, you already know they are here to stress you, and over time, you would master handling the relationship you have with that emotion. 

Do the senses coping technique. 

Have you tried the five – four – three – two – one – coping technique with all five of your senses? Our five senses include our eyes for sight, our mouth) tongue for taste, our skin to feel, our ears to hear, and our nose for perceiving scents and odors. Using this anxiety attack coping technique could help you quickly gain balance. Don’t worry. I’ll show you how it works. Let’s go. 

How do the senses coping techniques work? 

Your Eyes 

Try to call out five things you can see at the moment. Gently call them out and say their names. I can now see my phone, hands, the table I’m working on, the yellow wall in my front, and the black window by my right. 

Your Nose 

Try to call out four things you have perceived that you can remember. I can smell the cake I just had, the scent of fresh grass, the smell of the air, the odor of one of my farts. 

Your Mouth 

Try to call out three of the things you have tasted recently. I have just tasted the cake, an energy drink, and some water. 

Your Skin 

Try to call out two things you have felt. Right now, I can feel my clothes on my body and the table my hands are on. 

Your Ears 

Try to call out a single thing you can hear. I can listen to Rihanna and Kanye West singing Four Five Seconds from Wildin. 

When you keep practicing all of these, you will forget what made you anxious in the first place.