Ah yes, my article is here. The power of minding your business. Let’s do this.

One of the best ways one can change how they feel and change their mindset is by meditation. 

This is a truly rewarding practice. It helps one focus back on the moment. 

What does mindfulness do and how does it work?

Mindfulness could be as simple as counting your breath. Thinking about nothing but the number of times you breathe. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though. 

Thinking and practicing mindfulness refers to thinking about one thing and nothing else. No matter how one tries, it might be quite difficult to do just that. At times our minds would just wander away, we could get bored, we could get distracted by things from either the last or the future. But as you practice the art of thinking about one thing and just that alone, it would get easier with time. And the more your brain gets wired to focus on mindfulness and meditation, your neurons would grow and create great new connections in your brain. 

How Does Mindfulness Work?

Do not misunderstand me though. Mindfulness is more than just paying attention. It refers to focusing on your present moment and how you pay attention to something. You need to approach everything related to mindfulness using a kind, gentle and compassionate approach. You should not worry about if you are doing a good job or a bad job. No one can get it correctly. Just have your thoughts on one thing and just one thing. Think about nothing but your breath. Let all of the noise in the background flow and pass into the air. Let your mind completely forget about the problems, worries, and stress you could be facing on that day. Another thing is that looking at reality, mindfulness never comes to an end. It doesn’t just begin when you sit to meditate. It does not just stop after you’re done meditating. Way far from this. Every moment as you remain conscious, you can properly practice mindfulness. 

You could practice this when you are on your way to traffic and stuck in traffic. You could use mindfulness to not stress about being stuck in traffic. You could also practice mindfulness when you try to be compassionate as you converse with your colleagues. If they are not acting in a way you enjoy or prefer. 

You could even settle and count your steps. Like when you’re walking to your office or going to get some coffee. 

How does Mindfulness Empower Us?

Mindfulness empowers Us by making us strong enough to be fearless against the stress of life. Whenever something wants to come and stress the life out of us, we can look that thing dead in the eye, focus on it, using our breathing and tell it, you can’t hurt me, you can’t touch me, you can’t do anything. And let that thing flow into the atmosphere.