The world is noisy, like extremely and overly noisy. Every time our phones are buzzing with conversations, news, and updates. For those staying in town, we hear the traffic passing by, we hear helicopters and planes daily and there’s always one form of noise wherever we go. It is tiring, to be honest. At work there’s a serious stream of elevators dinging, printers whirring and noise everywhere one goes. 

Benefits of Attending A Silent Retreat 

Have you ever heard About the Monkey Brain? 

The monkey brain refers to that part of our brains that whenever we try to remain quiet, it makes noise and forces us to speak out or say something. On a good day, our brain is like a monkey bar. And it jumps from one thought to the next in seconds. It takes about a complete day before our minds can fully settle and for the thoughts that flow through our minds to be completely and utterly quiet. Then you would know and enjoy peace of mind as you’ve never experienced before.  

You have more times to listen to you Inside 

With reduced chatter from one innate monkey brains, then we begin to get very clear thoughts with a focus on our inner being. This is when our self-inquiry journey begins. When we cannot talk to others verbally, we can start talking to our inner selves. It is great to listen and converse with your inner self. This would help you understand who you are. It would help you become more self-confident and stronger in who you are.

This Cures Boredom 

In a universe with so many distractions, some of us don’t even know how to stay jobless. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be busy but I know people that can’t live happily without their mobile devices. You can stay very calm as you do nothing. This is a great skill you can acquire as you live. If you attend this silent retreat. You’ll realize that it would pull you out of the horrible sad emotions and feelings you’ve been managing. You could then deal with these feelings and become better. With this, you’ll get a sharper image and you’ll be in tune with your body and your surroundings.

You’ll be more mindful about what you eat 

Remember all the people that said you should not eat when you speak. This is what they meant. Being silent as you consume meals helps with the digestion process. Whenever you simply become mindful of your food, you chew it very well. When you eat slowly, the amount of food you consume reduces, and then your belly has enough time to digest the food and it helps to tell your brain when your body has had enough.

I would like to attend a Silent retreat. Do you know why? Because this life is so loud. Damn. Even as loud as it is we still walk around with earphones.