Oh yeah, the routine for bedtime. It’s time to get your toothbrush, wear your pajamas, read yourself a story, watch some movies, turn off the lights, and then you’re supposed to be sleepy. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. You’ll need some relaxing lullabies that would calm both you and your kids after a busy day. These lullabies would be so nice, you probably wouldn’t mind hearing them over and over again.

List of Beautiful Music and Videos for Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep

1.     The Planet Sleeps

This album gives 16 traditional lullabies from several cultures all around the world. From places like India to Ireland to the Iroquois Nation, you get to expand the musical horizons of your kids as they take a nap.

2.     Disney Baby Lullaby

You could use this to calm your kids using slow soft Disney favorites like “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

3.     Rockabye Baby!

Irrespective of your favorite band, the people from Rockabye Baby! have created their version of the best rock songs out there for your kids. They have handled remixes from practically all celebrities and music from pop culture, including REM and Nine Inch Nails. They even have the Hamilton soundtrack covered.

4.     Lullaby

From Justin Roberts, who is a kids’ musician, his lullaby music is filled with originals created with parents and families, and made completely with love.

5.     Lullaby Girl

The rocker ’90s girl from the song “Stay” brings in her wonderful voice to make softer versions of songs like “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and “Be My Baby.” When you want to relax, this is the music for you.

6.     Bedtime With the Beatles

Created by Jason Falkner, he made renditions created without words of songs made by the Beatles like “Across the Universe” and “BlackBird.” Some parents enjoy the sing-songy lullaby versions.

7.     30 Songs for Rest Time

Whenever you are trying to enjoy resting in the afternoon, you could make use of this to enjoy your quiet time.

8.     Classical Lullabies for Babies

For people who believe classical music helps the brain of a toddler, this is the music for them. It merges Mozart and Bach using instrumental renditions of songs made by kids like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and more.

9.     Night Night!

Created by Caspar Babypants, also known as Chris Ballew, this children’s musician has organized his routine for kids up to six years old.

The music produced by these artists can help your young ones enjoy their naps and bedtimes properly. They’re all available on the artists’ websites and from Amazon.com.