About 80% of the time, a fallout happens between two people who once held a romantic relationship, the next step is often to unfollow each other on all social media platforms. including the deletion of phone numbers. This occurrence is usually because of the fact that some people find it hard to get over their former lovers the moment they keep seeing things that either directly or indirectly remind them of him or her.

Now, it’s become a huge source of worry when a person finds out that their supposed ex is still following them on social media. If you find yourself in this situation, especially when you no longer have them, don’t fret. It’s totally fine.

When your ex still has you on social media, it could mean that:

1.  They miss you.

We are all aware that some people fail to move on when a romantic relationship has obviously been called off. They prefer to stick around and still behold clear views of their ex. If the relationship didn’t really end well, then it’s possible that they are trying to cunningly lure you in, and you should be vigilant.

2. They want to keep monitoring you.

This is very common, especially among very toxic exes. They will always want to know what you’re up to. Sometimes, it could be that they indirectly want to find out if you now have a new lover. It’s important that you find out when this is the case and quickly put an end to it by either confronting or blocking them.

3. They want to still be friends with you.

Unlike what many would think, some of the people you broke up still very much want to be friends with you. But you might not see it because you’ve made yourself believe that an ex should automatically be your enemy. In this case, find out what they want and speak to them about it.

4. They might want to keep comparing your life to theirs.

Find out when an ex is doing this. Some of them would want to use your life as a means of validation to theirs. It could be for good, or it could be for bad.

5. They forgot to delete or unfollow you.

In very rare cases, some ex totally forgets to do the unfollowing. So, they keep hanging in there while you sit and think they did deliberately refuse to do the unfollowing. In cases like this, calling the attention of the ex or clicking the block button won’t be an entirely bad idea.

Exes following each other can be pretty unhealthy at times. If you’ve gotten off a relationship and your former partner is still trying to get close by following you on social media and you don’t think that you want such closeness, don’t make a fuss out of it. Instead, let them know that you are trying to move on and you wish to cut every tie; they will understand.

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