Most of us these days pay no attention to crossword puzzles. Little do we know that these puzzles aid our minds and memories with the secret power of enhancing the activities we perform day in day out. First of all, what is a memory jogger crossword? Keep reading to find out!

What is a Memory Jogger Crossword Puzzle?

A memory jogger crossword is a type of puzzle that normally takes the form of either a rectangle or a square in a grid of black and white squares shaded in those colors. And they also possess letters that could form phrases or words – and with the presence of clues – you can try to solve them for the answers. Crossword puzzles have words and phrases written on either side from right to left. With the use of squares that are shaded, they separate the phrases or words.

So, checking out and working with the crossword puzzles present in newspapers and through other means would work wonders for your brain and would help to jog your memory at instances that would surprise you. 

A memory jogger crossword puzzle is the necessary ingredient to provide a well-fed brain and keep your mind vibrant. Crossword puzzles are safe stimulants when you need to remember a thing or two. Try not to forget that. Seniors who need to stay alert and clear mentally will especially benefit from a memory jogger crossword puzzle.

Other Ways to Jog Your Memory

Generally, all crossword puzzles are known to be able to jog the players’ memory. Apart from crossword puzzles, there are other activities that can aid in jogging your memory too.

Learn a new hobby: Stepping out of your comfort zone by learning a new hobby could also aid in improving your memory and enhance how quick you are in remembering facts. This is because doing the same thing over and over again is not good for your mind, but learning a new hobby will challenge your brain to expand its abilities.

Eat nutritious food: The type of food you eat is also an important factor in keeping your memory and your mind enhanced. According to research, instead of consuming junk foods, it is best to consume meals that are rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. Try fish, veggies, and fruits. Bananas are especially good for the brain! Also, reduce the intake of alcohol, dairy, sugars, salt, and carbs for a sharper brain.

Try brain boosting supplements: Your brain needs all the nutrients it can get to stay strong. When your diet doesn’t quite add up, taking brain health supplements may help. We recommend trying Organic India’s Memory Certified Organic and Life Extension’s Memory Protect.

Workout regularly: Exercise to keep the body and the mind sharp. With physical exercise, your brain feels fit and aid in improving the health of your brain.

According to research, exercise is known to reduce the speed at which the brain reduces its size, which normally starts at the age of 40. With the use of crossword puzzles, exercise, healthy food, and new hobbies, the speed at which your brain shrinks may be reduced. You may also help enhance your echoic memory