After having a heart attack, there is a need for you to take up some exercises that would strengthen both your physical body and your memory. Rehab centers for people with heart attacks have fully equipped gyms for physical therapy that would help you too.

Cardiac rehab centers have fully equipped gyms, and for the first few classes, you get one-to-one support, showing how the machines work and helping people understand why they are doing what they are doing.

That helps to build confidence. But there are lots of other ways to keep active and heart healthy too.

Get Motivated

We recommend you set goals weekly. Then track how far you go making use of a pedometer by measuring how long or how far you walk. You should set goals you are patient enough to work with. It could be walking with family and friends or gardening or running.

At times ,this could be seen as a low-level class for memory exercises. These are for people that do not want to partake in a lot of exercises. Modern cardiac rehab is about pushing people to become the best they can be, so they can get back to living a full and healthy life.

What to Do When

After a week you can start making simple snacks, gardening, peeling veggies while sitting or pottering around your apartment.

After one week, you could start doing housework, like hanging out washed laundry, dusting, and tidying. Make sure you get in breaks as you do all of these.

In two weeks, you can start practicing light housework, like making beds, preparing simple meals, washing up, or playing golf.

At three to four weeks you can start pulling a shopping trolley, carry bags for shopping, and weed gently.

At eight weeks, you could start bowling and dancing.

At five to six weeks, you can start ironing, vacuuming, and gardening moderately.

At ten to 12 weeks, you can start road cycling and swimming.

At 12 weeks, you can start making things yourself and lifting slightly heavy things. You could also go fishing, do minor sports, lift kids,  and dig in the garden too.

The muscles and your breastbone in your chest need time to fully heal. Make sure you don’t lift heavy arm activity because this would slow down the healing process.

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