Hello everyone. Today I’ll be talking about wonderful ways you could increase the rate at which you remember stuff, at which your memory would be better, and ways you would remember the name of that cute boy or beautiful girl you saw on the street last week. This is going to be fun, trust me. I know it will cause I’m in a great mood, and that’s true cause I remember one cute boy’s name I was supposed to have forgotten, but it’s still there. I can remember this name because I follow the things written in this piece. So if you want your memory to increase, do well to follow the things on this list. And before you know it, you’ll be fine. Let’s go! 

List of things to do to increase memory 

Consume lower amounts of sugar 

This is true, you know. Whenever you consume VERY HIGH amounts of sugar, you are at the risk of suffering from horrible chronic diseases and health issues. These health issues include a decline in your memory and cognitive functions. 

Research shows that when one has a diet that is all sugar every time, that person ends up having a smaller brain volume and very poor memory. This is because the areas that store the short-term memory of the brain would be highly affected. 

Have you tried using Fish Oil Supplement? 

Did you know that fish oil has many omega-3 fatty acids like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)? These essential fats help your general health. For example, they help reduce the risk of you getting horrible heart illnesses, reducing parts of your body that are inflamed, getting rid of anxiety and stress, and of course, and improving/increasing your memory. 

It would be best if you meditated intentionally. 

This is an obvious choice, but it’s true, and it works wonders. It would affect your health positively in several ways. 

This method is soothing and relaxing. It has been noticed to get rid of pain and stress, lower the pressure of your blood, and aids in improving/increasing memory. There are different ways to meditate. Like me, how I meditate, yeah, I go for long strolls and talk about my issues, problems, whatever is bugging me in my head. This helps me manage whatever I feel isn’t right. 

Have you tried going to the gym and maintaining a healthy weight? 

Having a healthy weight is necessary for your wellbeing. This is one of the fastest ways to keep your mind/memory and body in the best condition. Take it from someone who has experience. At the beginning of this year, I gained a lot of weight due to eating in ways that were not structured. I needed to find solutions to that, and before you knew it, I started hitting the gym and eating well. I stopped eating at night, and now, my memory feels increased, and I remember things way better now. 

You could try these and see how well it works for you.