Have you ever wondered why you try to recall some events in your early childhood and some of them appear so cleanly in your mind that it seems it happened just yesterday, while some others don’t even come to your head at all? There is something called memory imprinting, and that’s exactly what happened in the case of that event you still manage to remember.

How Memory Imprinting Works: A Trauma Story

I remember being 6 years old, and it’s quite an embarrassing story. I remember clearly getting placed in a room alone with a really big dog by some really unfriendly neighbors who were babysitting me. I remember that I screamed at the top of my lungs, calling out my mother’s name as if she would hear me. I remember that the dog just stared at me and growled angrily. Then it attacked me and ripped a razor-sharp hole into my leg. The owners finally came into the room and let me out, but all I remember after that is crying and sleeping back at my mom’s house for a really long time.

I clearly remember all these things, and you probably also have a memory like this that you have stuck in your head and no matter how old you get, it just never leaves. Well, the reason for that is because the memory has been imprinted in your brain.

Memory imprinting occurs majorly when the event had a really strong effect on your mindset and how you now see things. I can say that for sure, because I became a real cat lover after the incident with the mean dog!

Now try to remember a traumatic event that happened in your life as if it were just yesterday. You’ll notice that with some time, even those memories will fade.

More Thoughts on Memory Imprinting

Why do babies have such a great bond with their mothers? It’s really simple; the first thing a child sees or feels for a good long time is the mother. Now if the mother were to be exchanged, that child would live a completely different and equally happy life believing that the exchanged mother was its mother. It’s all up to chance and experience. It is just so natural. This is why most parents who decide to adopt kids choose to do this while the child is still an infant. Take a lion cub away from its mother and have goats all around it throughout its days, and it would live like a goat the rest of its life.

A traumatic experience could leave a scar in your memory that you will never forget, but really wonderful memories can imprint themselves on you too. Studies on rats are being done to understand more about this phenomenon.

These among several others are ways that memory implanting works. Still curious about memory? Read our blog post about echoic memory!


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