The term ‘indigo child’ is used to refer to the children who seemed very different from the rest of their peers.

Indigo children first started to appear in the 1970s. They were on a mission to bring about a shift and challenge the current reality we live in. Aside from the obvious psychic nature of an Indigo Child, there is an element of creativity and they are always driven to walk through the current norms of the society. Stay glued to this article as we take you through a few traits that most indigo children possess

Personality traits of indigo children

Do you feel strange at times? Do you feel as though you have a different soul lineage? Check out these few traits that distinguish an indigo child;

1. You usually expect a lot from yourself and other

This is present during your interactions with other people. Either you’re in a romantic relationship or friendship. You only care about the best and expect the people around you to adjust to it. When it gets to yourself, you tend to criticize yourself a lot. 

If this is you, then you need to stop beating yourself up. Rather, seek to push your drive and that of other people. Also, understand that the people you’re trying to push may not be motivated to do so.

2. You were made to be here

You always feel confident and probably arrogant sometimes. You feel bold with something bigger than your name. This is always because you understand that you’re on earth to fulfill a purpose that would bring a positive change. You also understand that the people that are present on earth need a lot of help to transform better.

3. You feel awake spiritually 

From birth or a very young age, you’ve always felt as though you were made for something that’s spiritually bigger than most people on earth. 

4. You are a creative

If you’re gifted musically or artistical, and your kind of art brings people to you as well as favors you in the sight of others, there’s every chance that you’re an indigo child. You must do your best to nurture and build your abilities into something bigger.

5. Your intuitions are strong

Most indigo children see the world from an entirely different angle. They also have had a strong self-assurance and tend to think everything they do is right. If you possess this sign, it means that you’re an indigo child. It’s worse when other people around you can’t see or take actions from your angle of view. You are also confident that if Indigos ruled the world, there won’t be a problem.

6. You question every authority

You don’t love to negotiate. Your personal views and the things you do are geared towards rebelling. You are always skeptical about people who are in power. Most times, you get into trouble for this act. This however means that you should always try to get into the good troubles only.


If any of the aforementioned personality traits appeal to you, it shouldn’t dissuade you to explore the concept of your being.