Braun freeze, argh, this thing gives a headache instantly. The glad thing is that the headache doesn’t last for a very long time. It just almost freezes your brain, and then the pain flows away rapidly. Kind of like the opposite of an orgasm. I’ll say it’s a “paingasm,” If you get what I mean ?. So the question becomes, what causes brain freeze? Well, that’s what I’ll be talking about today. 

What are the causes of a brain freeze? 

Brain freeze is caused by the this;

When the capillaries in our brain cool as a result of a cold stimulus. 

After the brain capillaries cool, it ends up causing vasoconstriction, which narrows the blood vessels. The narrowing is not a pleasurable problem. It is the popping of the blood vessels that give the headache. At times we might take something TOO COLD like Ice Cream or a cold juice, and it narrows the blood vessels till they pop. The headache comes when these capillaries heal or regrow. That happens quickly, so it’s nothing to worry about. 

Quickly rewarding these capillaries by taking something warm perhaps would end up causing vasodilation. Vasodilation refers to the process where your blood vessels widen. 

The combination of these changes above is the things that end up causing what the world knows as brain freeze. 

The closeness of these sensitive nerves and these changes caused by extreme external stimuli are the things that caused these nerves to react and make our “brain freeze.” 

What does research tell us? 

Research has stated that if you eat ice cream in a hurry, you will get brain freeze. 

Dr. Serrador Jorge, an electronics cardiovascular researcher, has highlighted research in The FASEB Journal. It explained that scientists haven’t been able to understand the things that cause brain freeze completely to this day. 

What did the research include? 

The research of this awesome scientist includes the following;

  1. Getting healthy adult volunteers about thirteen in number. 
  2. Telling them to sip very COLD water using a straw so the cold water would touch the upper palate. 
  3. Monitored their blood flow using the transcranial doppler test. 

What were his results? 

He realized that a sudden dramatic blood flow increase caused the brain freeze sensation through the anterior cerebral artery. As soon as that artery constricted, the sensation known as brain freeze wore off, and they felt the normal way. 

These scientists found ways to trigger the constriction of the arteries by giving these volunteers warm water to drink. And it worked immediately. 

My thoughts on Brain Freeze’s causes 

I believe it. This is my opinion because it happens to me. Whenever I get the brain freeze sensation and get uncomfortable, I hurriedly take something at room temperature or something warm. It works immediately. But there are times I enjoy it, though. Especially when I’m taking Ice cream. My friends and I love the brain freeze sensation then, honestly. It’s all good.