Hello there. Today I would be talking about your core values, my core values, the core values of your loved ones, and what it means to know if you possess core values at all. But first of all, what are core values. Let me define what I understand to be core values before I kick on with this article.

What are Core Values

I’ll be explaining this by breaking down these two words. The word CORE and the word VALUE. Core means in-depth things like the basic behavior, or essential attitude, or basic personality. While values refer to who you are, what you are, and all you stand for. So, core values refer to the combination of both your basic personality and all you stand for. Now, let me list out some of these core values which we as people have.

Things people feel are their Core Values.

There are people that all they think about from the depths of their hearts, includes their social status, influence, and wealth. As a person, are you open to things like change? Do you want to be free? What stimulates you?. What are your thoughts on things like conformity, tradition, and security? Is that what you would love to have in your life?

Do you always think about improving yourself? Do you want to be more focused? Or are you always thinking about things like the matters of planet earth and how you could be of service to the world’s people?

Are you self-absorbed? Like do you think about yourself so much that everything else feels beneath you and less in comparison?

Are you free of depression and anxiety? Or do you feel you have everything under control and highly protective of yourself that anything that crosses your path you either destroy or burn it down?

Different people babe different Core Hierarchy. Let me show you mine.

I like freedom and the idea of being free


I want to be free in all I do and free to have whichever thoughts I want.

I love achievements

I love developing skills and mastering them over time. I also believe there’s a time for everything, so whenever I can control the speed or the rate at which I do something, it could take as long as it needs to take.

I enjoy what I enjoy when I enjoy it and how I enjoy it.

I enjoy training, working, thinking, non-doing anything just the way I like specifically. They give me the most excellent forms of pleasure.

I am a benevolent person.

I love being kind around the people close to me. But if you stress me, I would get you.

I love getting motivated.

Brand new exciting challenges might try to stress me, but I always try to handle them at the end of the day.

I love having funds to do all I need to do without any form of stress

It’s pretty essential. Social status means nothing to me; I know who I am, know who I was, and know who I want to be. The way people around me view me is left to them genuinely.

What do you think are your core values?