The simple answer to this question is the cerebrum and, at times, the cerebellum. So if you’re someone that just came to get the answer to that question, there you go. For those that want to understand why the cerebrum controls cognitive control, please carry on with your reading. 

What’s the Cerebrum About?

This is the large outer part of our brain. This part controls our planned muscle movements, emotions, speech, learning, thinking, reading too. It controls all our senses, including tasting, hearing, seeing, and touching. 

The cerebrum is broken down into about two hemispheres. These include the right and the left. The right part controls the left side of the body. The left half controls the right part of the body. 

The hemispheres have about four different sections. These are called lobes. They include the occipital, temporal, parietal, frontal too. Each of these lobes controls beautiful functions. The frontal lobe controls our personalities, our reasoning, our decision-making process. The temporal lobe controls our sense of smell, speech, and memories. 

Let’s talk about the cerebellum, shall we? This is the part of our brains that’s located behind the back. It is in charge of beautiful muscle control. These controls include walking and arm movement. These also function to maintain equilibrium and posture. 

The Stem of the Brain 

The stem of the brain is located at the bottom part of the brain. This is what merges the cerebrum to the spinal cord. These include the medulla, pons, midbrain too. It controls several essential functions in the body. These functions include swallowing, blood pressure, movements of the eye, heartbeat too. 

How you can guard your central nervous system 

Well, we all know that our spinal cord and brain are incredibly fragile. This is why our body already has a proper built-in defense system that guards us against injuries. 

The meninges and the skull, which contain the brain’s lining, protect our brain. The bones available in the spinal column protect our spinal cord. Let’s not forget about our cerebrospinal fluid, which cushions and surrounds both our spinal cord and our brains. 

My thoughts on The Cerebrum and Cognitive Control 

Without our Cerebrum and Our cerebellum, I would be like an animal. Oh yes, I’m not saying animals do not have these parts in their brains, but I’m saying the one I’ve got is way more advanced than theirs. I have more control over what’s happening with me and to me. I can decide to do this or decide to do that. Like it’s all my choice. Do you get it? Everything occurs and happens at my own pace. I can reason, I can make my decisions, I can practically do what I want. I can walk, jump, dance, feel, be happy, cry, express my emotions, live. All because I’ve got a very active cerebellum and cerebrum. My spinal cord works fine, too, like if you see me dancing, you’ll think my spine is made from spaghetti. So funny, right, but it’s true. So thank you, brain. Keep doing an epic job. I can study too.