Racing thoughts happen when you don’t seem to run out of things to think about and your mind is filled with so many thoughts. It could be thought about some problems you may be facing like financial problems or even things like a phobia or simply just random stuff you are enthusiastic or obsessed over. It could cause anxiety and even make you lose concentration on other things you are doing. There can be some nights when you just can’t sleep just because your mind’s voice doesn’t stop talking and you just can’t shut it. The more you try, the more thoughts keep running through your mind. This ends up causing insomnia, reducing the amount you get to sleep. There are ways to stop racing thoughts at night. So let’s consider the following:

  • Causes of racing thoughts
  • How to stop racing thoughts at night. 

Causes of Racing thoughts:

  1. Anxiety: This is a very common cause of racing thoughts. Your mind could be filled with things you are anxious or concerned about that you find it hard to stop thinking about them. It could be about a particular problem you are trying to get answers to. Your thoughts just keep going on over it again repeatedly.
  2. Obsession:

Being obsessed over a particular subject could keep your mind all over it all the time. It becomes hard for you to stop thinking about what you are obsessed with.

  1. Depression:

In this case, you let your emotions take over you. When depressed, your mind gets to a psychological state where you may feel worried, angry, and agitated over anything. It could also lead to racing thoughts. 

How to stop racing thoughts at night:

  1. Breathing exercise:

Slowly Inhale and exhale gently. This can take off your mind from the thoughts it’s been filled with and direct it to focus on other things.  

  1. Remove things that bring about the thoughts:

If your thoughts race mostly after reading or doing stuff on your electronic device, do away with them before going to bed. Keep yourself distracted from it. Try to do something more relaxing like taking a cool bath, yoga, or even meditation. 

  1. Reduce stress:

Stress leads to anxiety. Try to reduce the amount of stress you go through and do other relaxing things. Doing this can reduce how much anxiety to get and reduce the racing thoughts at night. 

  1. Try a sleeping supplement: 

If you just can’t shut your thoughts at night, you can try out a sleeping supplement. Try out the Liposomal liquid Melatonin sleep aid supplement. It is made of 100% natural ingredients. It helps calm the mind down and aid better quality sleep. It’s a good option to get rid of racing thoughts at night.


Racing thoughts are caused by several causes like anxiety, obsession, depression, and even our emotions. It’s doesn’t keep the body in a healthy state especially when it always happens at night. It ends up leading to insomnia which makes sleeping hard. It can be solved and the methods have been stated above to guide you.