Mental Toughness. To start this piece off. I’m mentally strong. There’s nothing you or anyone else can say that would prevent me from saying or believing this. I am MENTALLY STRONG. And you are too. All you need to do is believe it, and it’s yours. But at times, it could be challenging to believe this because of the problems, issues, and trials we go through in life. Everyone goes through these issues, trust me. Today I’ll be talking about ways you could Reinforce your Mental Toughness. Let’s do this. 

List of ways you could Reinforce your Mental Toughness using the Four C’s of Mental Toughness 


The first C on this list controls. The rate or the level at which you know you’re in control of your life, including your sense of life and emotions. Your self-esteem could consider the components of control. For these to get high on the scales of control and for you to be comfortable in your skin and have a great sense of yourself. 


This refers to the rate at which you are reliable and how focused you are personally. To be high on the scale of commitment is for you to set goals effectively and achieve them with no distractions. Having high levels of commitment indicates that you’re great at establishing habits and routines. These all help in the cultivation of success. 


These are the extents to which one is adaptable and driven. For one to be high on the scale of the challenge, this means you are strong and driven to become the best you can be at the moment. You see adversity, change, challenges as opportunities instead of threats. You are likely to become agile and flexible. For you to be low on the Challenge Scale, you could see change as nothing but a threat. You could forget about challenging situations and leave them because you’re afraid of making a mistake or failing. 

Reinforce your mental Toughness, know there’s no one like you, and whatever new challenge is brought to you, you can conquer it with effort and consistency. 


This is a significant Mental Toughness C. The rate of the level at which you believe in yourself. At which you know you’re capable and productive. This self-belief and the energy you give off could influence all others around you. For you to become very high on your confidence scale means you know, and you believe you’ll complete your tasks. You also handle setbacks using strides as you maintain resolves and your routines. 

These confidence and challenge scales represent how tough you are mental. These represent the way you seize and identify opportunities how you see situations. How you either embrace challenges or run away from these scary challenges. 

Reinforcing how tough you are would always change challenges to opportunities. They would help you grow, and at the end of the day, you’ll be surprised by the person you’ll become.