You may have been wondering, “If the brain is really as strong and connected to every part of our body, as they say, we must be working it out on a daily basis.” Well, you are right that we use it daily, but definitely not on working it out. Do you really think we use the brain to its full capacity?

This article will show you how we use the brain every day and how much of it we actually use to be able to carry out all the functions that we do on a daily basis. Are we using it to its full potential? Well, we have to find out about that.

What do most people believe?

If you have been following the functionality of the brain for a good long while now, you would have noticed that a lot of people believe that we only get to use 10% of our brain throughout our lives. This belief did not start in this generation. It has been coming since 1907 when William James, a psychologist, and author, mentioned that we only use a small percentage of our brain before we die.

However, William James never gave a particular figure to the percentage. He made this know in the 1907 edition of Journal Science. Since then, several psychologists and non-psychology related scholars have been coming with different ideologies.

You would have also seen so many movies and documentaries further trying to prove that the human brain is not used up to its full capacity, hence why the world is not yet in all its glory.

Another reason for this belief is because scientists have a certain myth that the brain only contains ten percent of neurons and that these neurons are what gives the brain its function since they are all wired and connected to the other parts of the body.

Is it true that we only use 10% of our brain?

Seeing that even scientists believe that only ten percent of our brain is used throughout our lives, what then are we to believe is the truth? Well, research has shown that we use a very huge part of our brain every day. Although we may not be able to use it all and many people use theirs more than others (sike), we can definitely improve how much of it we get to use and explore before we die.

How do you improve your brain function?

Improving your brain function is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself in your lifetime. Getting knowledge isn’t improving your brain function, you are only building your mind. An improved brain function is what ensures that you can retain the information you want. So, how do you do it?

  • Eat more nourishing meals
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be more mindful of your mental health

The bottom line is that we can definitely not use up our brain but with good mental care, we can use a good part of it and inadvertently give our body the effectiveness it requires.