The brain is one of the most vital organs. It is the control center that controls everything you think, do, or feel. The brain basically has two sides or hemispheres which are referred to as the right side and the left side. They don’t do the same thing exactly, they work differently, though similar in structure. Each side of the brain has its specialization. They are connected with nerve fibers. One side of the brain is known to be used for more logical and analytic thinking while the other part is known to be more creative. 

The two halves of the brain need each other. Being right-brained or left-brained doesn’t completely suggest that one side of your brain is more dominant. Though one side gets to be used more it still needs the other side.

So what side of the brain is the creative side? Read on to get more info.

  • The creative side of the brain
  • How to improve the health of your brain.

The creative side of the brain.

According to scientific research, the right side of the brain is proven to be the creative side of the brain. It’s also the side that controls things like daydreaming, Intuition, art, Rhythm, and imagination. If you are a more creative and artistic person, you are classified as being right-brained.

The other side of the brain which is the left side centers on logistic and analytic thinking like thinking in words, fact, or linear thinking. It is also the side of the brain that helps in things like mathematics and sequencing. In this case, if you make for logistics thinking based on facts, you are considered left-brained.

Your personal traits or hobbies, learning style, and likes don’t insinuate you are left-brained or right-brained. 

How to improve the health of your brain:

Looking after the health of your brain is similar to looking after the overall health of your body. Top tips to get a healthy and sharper brain:

  • Do thinking exercise: Try to read a book or write at least once a day. Keep your brain active by always trying to learn new things. Give yourself brain challenges like playing games that exercise the brain like chess, Sokodu, and word puzzles.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Cut down the number of unhealthy foods you eat and eat healthier foods that help the brain like olive oil, fruits, and vegetables, foods rich in antioxidants like walnuts, omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Exercise: Exercise helps reduce the chances of getting diseases that can affect the brain.
  • Sleep: it’s important to get quality sleep every day. It helps improve the performance of the brain.


The two hemispheres of the brain function in different aspects of thinking but they work together. The right side of the brain is proven to be the creative and artistic part, while the left is proven to be the logistic and analytic thinking aspect. Whichever aspect you are into more suggests if you are right-brained or left-brained.