Do you like sweet things like soda, cakes, ice cream, cookies, or other things with sugar? Then you might be wondering what the effect of sugar is on your health and may be particularly the long term impact of taking too much sugar on your brain health. We seek to explore this with you.

You might be eating too much sugar and not even know that you are because you do not check the nutritional facts of most of the processed foods you eat. It stands to reason that the more processed foods you eat, the more sugar you consume.

It is a fact that we need sugar for energy (specifically, glucose). This has led to the glorification of sugar as one of the most popular food ingredients on the planet, though there are other sources of energy. The excessive intake of sugar can lead to a plethora of health issues, from heart disease, tooth decay, diabetes, weight gain, acne to other more severe effects. Even though all these effects are known, people still over-consume sugar, this is related to the effects of sugar on the brain.

Long-Term Impact of Too Much Sugar on the Brain

·       The Dopamine Effect: When you eat something, your brain, tongue, and stomach work together in response to what you had just eaten. If it is sugar, then the dopamine released is usually much more than normal. The more you consume sugar the more your brain releases dopamine the more it craves sugar and adapts to your consumption of sugar.

·       Addiction: Consumption of sugar has a dopamine response as we have already mentioned, this is the same kind of response that leads to addiction. You end up craving for more sugar, you become more tolerant of sugar and you consume more sugar. These effects become ingrained in your brain and are very detrimental to the health of the brain.

·       Inflammation: Consumption of too much sugar in the long term can lead to inflammation of tissues. Your tissues get inflamed as a natural way to heal, some things we consume can cause inflammation, things like sugar. When you eat too much sugar for too long your body tissues could become constantly inflamed on a low level. This can have devastating effects on your brain as studies have shown that such inflammation can increase the chances of you getting diseases like Alzheimer’s.

·       Mood: When you consume too much sugar and the levels of it in your system spikes, you can have emotional reactions like depression and anxiety. If this is repeated over time your brain synapses can be altered and this would make you more susceptible to disorders that are in line with these emotional reactions. This alteration of brain chemistry can be very detrimental to you and your quality of life.

Knowing all the possible effects of too much sugar on the brain, you should be cautious when you take sugar. Know that it can affect your entire body especially your brain. Instead of eating sugar, try sugar substitutes like Better Stevia Instant Tabs from NOW Foods.