The Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is also known publicly as Wet Brain refers to a disorder in the brain that is closely related to chronic and acute phases from the vitamin B1 deficiency. Thiamine depletion could be seen in people that suffer from horrible nutrition. This is also a serious simple complication from drinking over a long period. These symptoms could get reversed when this disease is caught early. But if you leave this without treating it, a wet brain would end up causing confusion that cannot get reversed. There would be problems coordinating muscles, one would even hallucinate too.

This article would provide you with some information on this disease. Talk about things you need to know like why Alcohol causes this. There are different ways one can prevent the formation of a wet brain before it fully develops and before it can get effectively treated. This needs to be done as soon as the patient can get a doctor. 

Wet Brain Definition 

Wet Brain refers to a life-threatening severe disorder of the brain which is comprised actually of more than one condition. 

The beginning part of this Wet Brain refers to Wernicke’s encephalopathy. This is a condition that is temporary and severe. It is characterized by abnormal eye movements, loss of muscular coordination, and vision changes. 

How is the Consumption of Alcohol Correlated to Wet Brain?

Vitamin B1 is a very important nutrient that’s used by every part of the body. These could get obtained using the diet of the body. Not having enough Vitamin B1 would cause serious damage to the heart, nerves, and brain. 

In the States, a lot of people abuse alcohol. These end up making people have high rates of thiamine deficiency. These also lead to the subsequent development of the Wet Brain. 

Consumption of Alcohol in high amounts could with haste lead to a reduction and in the end thiamine deficiency because of malabsorption and poor nutrition. Some people drink seriously. These people do not consume balanced diets. They also do not consume proper levels of thiamine which would meet the needs of their body properly. Studies have shown that drinkers have very low thiamine levels. 

Symptoms of Wet Brain 

The normal symptoms of Wet Brain look a lot like when someone is intoxicated from consuming very high amounts of alcohol. However, these wet brain symptoms persist in the absence of drinking alcohol. Some of these symptoms include losing control of one’s muscles, losing one thought, and them feeling like one wouldn’t make it the next day. 

So now you know the correlations between Wet Brain and alcohol. It is a very simple thing you see. Whenever you think of Wet Brain, just imagine someone that has consumed a very high amount of alcohol. How do they act? How do they behave? Do they consume healthy meals? Do they just drink alcohol and some more? Then think of someone that has been doing this for years steady. They would have the wet brain for sure.