I have seen people, in real life and reality, get a stress rash. Trust me. It isn’t a funny thing to see. A stress rash affects the skin like something you’ve never seen before. It could happen to anyone. Depending on the type of stress you might have though. Today we’ll be talking about how a stress rash looks like. Stay tuned and enjoy. 

How does a stress Rash look like? 

There are varieties of stress which affect our beautiful skin horribly. It causes the creation of the stress hormone, which rapidly increases the amount of oil available in our bodies. This makes our bodies extremely prone to acne. Stress might cause very itchy welts, and then they’ll appear on our skin. These welts are typically known as hives or stress rash, which could appear on any part of your skin. These welts could have very different sizes, and they could merge and form an enormous welt. 

These hives are typically swollen, raised, and red. They could be as small as the tip of a pencil or be as large as a dinner plate. These could present either a burning or a tingling sensation. 

Generally, single hives would disappear after a day or less than a day. New stress rashes appear in a different area from where the old one leaves. You could get multiple stress rashes, and it takes around a month and two weeks for all of them to resolve. This is also known as acute hives. Stress rashes that last for six weeks are known as chronic stress dashes. 

What is Urticaria? 

This is a medical term for both stress rashes and hives. 

What is Angioedema? 

This is a medical emergency condition where the skin rash occurs deep inside the skin. This makes the lips and the eyelids swell too.

Does stress rash happen to everyone? 

Stress rash might happen to anyone. It is caused by stress which chemically affects every body part, and then the rash could pop up wherever it desires. 

Stress rash doesn’t need to concern you because you could treat it at home. A variety of other skin problems could cause it. These problems include the following:

  • Eczema 
  • Lichen Planus 
  • Rosacea 
  • Psoriasis 

All of these illnesses above would need you to manage them using medical procedures. 

My thoughts on what stress rash looks like

As I started stating at the beginning of this piece. I’ve seen someone that have gotten stress rash before. In his case, it wasn’t a stress rash. It was more like a group of stressed pimples. His face was all fine at the beginning of the day. But at the end of the day, he started going through a lot of stress, and before you knew what was happening, I noticed three bumps/pimples on his forehead. I was like, “whoa, you’ve got stress pimples,” he told me that’s how it happens when he’s going through that level of stress. After a while, it reduced and later went away. It took around a day, I guess.