The moment I saw the title of this piece, I remembered one of my friends that suffered from stress rashes. Oh, it didn’t look good in any way. It looked like stress itself. So today, I’ll be giving in-depth information on how stress rash looks like. 

So What does a stress rash look like?

These stress rashes normally look like hives. They are also called welts or wheals. These hives could appear on any part of the body. Several areas are affected by these hives. These areas look swollen, raised, and red. Those blotchy areas could be little like the tip of a pencil, or they could look so large like that of a dinner plate. 

At times, these patches could connect and create a very large welt. These wheels could have various sizes, from that of a centimeter to very big patches. These patches could cover very large skin areas. 

  1. These hives could appear on one’s skin, and they could swell on a specific body part or other parts of the body. In addition, the swelling section could appear and disappear at different parts of the body. 

Various areas are affected by these stress rashes and trust me. They would itch. Like my friend, I was talking about earlier. You need to see baby boy itching. I think it itches because of different factors. These factors include one’s insecurity on the rash themselves. Then others could be the rash-causing physical, literal itches. Either way, you might suffer from a burning or tingling sensation whenever you touch areas that get affected. 

Single stress rashes generally fade after around a day. However, brand new stress rashes could form as soon as the old stress rashes vanish. If you have many hives, you could suffer from these symptoms for about a month and fourteen days. These are known as acute stress rashes. 

The symptoms you’ve got could persist and pass the period mentioned above. If this happens, then your stress rash has turned into something else. So again, it would be best if you visited your medical health care professional or dermatologist. 

What are the things that cause a stress rash? 

These stress rashes come from the reactions of our immune system to allergies. These stress rashes could be caused by viral infections, triggers from the environment, or other illnesses. These stress are considered to be triggered by the environment. 

List of food allergens that could cause stress rash 

These food allergens include the following;

  1. Seafood 
  2. Wheat 
  3. Eggs 
  4. Soy 
  5. Cow’s milk
  6. Peanuts 
  7. Nuts 

Other allergens include the drug penicillin, pet dander, and pollen too. 

Things that could increase physical stress include 

  1. Cold and hot temperatures 
  2. Exercise 
  3. Water 
  4. Sunlight 

Whenever you feel a high amount of stress, it is not common for you to experience a high amount of flare, which relates to your already present skin condition. These happen as a result of your body releasing more than enough chemicals. These chemicals include neurotransmitters and neuropeptides whenever you feel a high amount of stress.