The holiday season is a time of joy. Families and friends get together to enjoy the festivities that abound. While this season is indeed fun for most people, it also poses a great deal of stress for others. 

All of the cooking, cleaning, preparation, shopping, and list-making involved in the holidays may seem endless and as a result, it is very easy to get carried away and get caught up in all of that stress. 

Allowing yourself to let go of the stress that comes along with the holidays may seem like an impossible task, but here are some simple ways to handle and reduce holiday stress for yourself.

4 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Pace Yourself

Throughout the holidays, it is very easy to allow yourself to get overwhelmed with your list of things to do, places to be, and your deadlines; however, it is important to give yourself some space. Allow yourself to carry on with the tasks at hand at your own pace. Set up your list of things to do and work your way down one item at a time. This would greatly help to reduce holiday stress and help you handle your tasks easier.


With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the running around, the idea of exercising may seem like a far-fetched dream as there would simply seem to be no time left for it; however, it is important to exercise during the holiday season to help keep your energy levels up and ensure that you stay healthy. 

Limit Your Alcohol

It is the holidays and one of the few times in the year where there would be an endless supply of parties and alcohol. While this is alright within moderation, limiting the amount of alcohol that you consume over the holidays would help you to handle and reduce holiday stress in this season. Limiting your alcohol reduces your risks of dehydration and hangovers, plus it will help you stay in tip-top shape.

Take Out Time for Yourself

It is very easy to allow yourself to get crowded with the festivities and activities that are everywhere during the holidays, and as such, you can get yourself crowded mentally. Mental stress during the holidays is very common and unhealthy. 

Taking as little as 10 minutes a day to yourself would greatly help to reduce holiday stress surrounding you, helping you to breathe easier and increase your focus energy on the tasks at hand. One of the ways to do this is through meditation (using mindfulness images), the mindful movements yoga teaches us, or maybe even simply having a nice cup of tea. We recommend any of the healthy flavors from Yogi Tea.

Keep yourself healthy this holiday by making sure that you do not get overrun by stress, relax, take a deep breath, have a cup of tea, laugh, and just have fun spending time with loved ones.