Micro Panic attacks usually come when you don’t expect them to. They just come and surprise you. They are serious surges of anxiety, fear, or panic. They are normally overwhelming. They have emotional and physical symptoms.

Different Ways you Can Overcome a Micro Panic Attack 

Make use of Deep Breathing 

You could focus on breathing deeply. In and out using your mouth. You can then feel the air slowly fill your chest and then your belly. Then you can let them out gently. You can also breathe in for like four counts, then hold for some seconds and then breathe out after a count of four. 

You need to Admit you are having a Panic Attack 

After you admit that you are having a Micro Panic Attack, you can consciously remind yourself that this would pass. You are fine. You just need to calm yourself down.

Calm Down and Know you would be Fine 

Yes, Micro Panic attacks can be scary, but you need to consciously take away this fear of everything closing up or that you are the dying cause that would not help you in any way. This way you can put your energy into reducing your symptoms.

Shut your Eyes 

Some Micro Panic attacks come from different triggers that stress and overwhelm you. In a very fast environment, this could lead to a horrible panic attack. It has very high possibilities of fueling your micro panic attack.

Have you tried Practicing Mindfulness? 

Being mindful about your surrounding can help keep you conscious of your environment and the reality of what’s happening. Some panic attacks can make you feel separated or detached from reality. Being mindful can help fight your panic attack as it is starting and as it is happening. 

Find an Object to Focus on

Different people have made use of a single specific object to pour all their attention on as they suffer from panic attacks. You can select anything you might like and you could consciously watch it very well till your micro panic attack passes. 

Think of a Happy Place 

Happy places for me, is me resting with my dear, talking and catching up. For you, it could be thinking of the mountains or the beach or a cabin relaxing.

Just think of yourself being in these types of places. Think about the details that this place has. Think about all the things you would enjoy when you drag your toes through the warm sand or when you smell the sharp scent of pine trees. 

You can engage yourself in some simple exercises.

Using the number of endorphins, you can keep the number of endorphins in your blood pumping faster after engaging in exercise. These would give you a better mood. Get easy simple exercise that you can partake in whenever you feel the pressure from these micro panic attacks. I use to dance at times when I feel the whole world is crumbling down.