Massage therapy has been a part of human lives and living even before we scholars decided to give it the name. And over the years, it has gained worldwide recognition, it has constantly changed, and grown positively now that people even have to study how to correctly do it. If you are not sure if you need a massage or you are ready for a massage, but you’re not sure how much to tip for massage therapy, then you should give this article attention.

A good massage doesn’t only help to calm your nerves, it also has the following benefits or advantages:

Relieving stress and anxiety: It isn’t news anywhere in the world that every day that we wake, we are faced with a task that is capable of stressing us out or making us extremely anxious, sometimes it could be an investment, it could be an examination, it could even be a court case, whatever it is, a good massage will help take it all away and clear your mind of worries and tension.

Soothing lower back pain: Lower back pains can be due to extremely hard work, an underlying condition, or merely a reminder that the bones are getting old. Having a massage therapist touch those bones will do you a lot of good. Massage therapy will relieve the pain and make you feel a lot better and more active.

Reducing depression: A massage therapy will ease your mind and clear every form of worry from it. During the therapy, all you will have to think about will be gentle hands rubbing against your skin, making you feel relaxed and satisfied. Depression immediately goes away after a good session.

Improves the quality of life in older people: It is almost normal now for older individuals to experience health issues as they age. These health issues can be a result of the weakening of the immune system or the accumulated effect of a young age lifestyle. A frequent massage can help to reduce the bad effects of a lot of health issues that the elderly face. Issues like high blood pressure, dementia, and many others.

Wondering how much to tip for massage therapy? You’re not alone, a lot of people having had a good massage usually get stuck trying to decide how much is reasonable to tip a massage therapist, since it is normal etiquette to do this. Well, it is quite simple because it is common knowledge that whether it is your first massage or you’re a regular customer, the most reasonable amount to tip a massage therapist is 20 percent of what he charged you. So let’s say he charged you in dollars, say 80 dollars, the right tip amount would be twenty percent (20%) of that which would be 16 dollars. The most important thing to know is how much the massage therapist is charging.

Now that you’re sure how much to tip for massage therapy, you should go to the closest spa and have a really thrilling time.


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