Ah yes, Covid 19 is here again. Well, this article would give a breakdown of how couples managed themselves during the COVID pandemic. Because trust me, those were very stressful times. I would be using statements from couples and how they survived. 

Let me start with Lily Sunday. She lives in an urban area in Washington. She joined a group on WhatsApp that’s called Parenting Under Pandemic. For a week, she has been in this group, and she stated that she’s quite frustrated with her partner. She was quite angry, and she kept on venting online, writing comments and posts about two hundred times. 

There’s also Blessing Lois that lives in London. She was on Facebook, and she created a group for people to come, vent themselves out positively. She had no idea it would reach more than twenty thousand. There were notes which several couples, of course, are suffering from challenges that are quite serious. Her brother, an intensive pediatric care physician, came home to drop his dirty clothes, and then he washed both of his hands so no one in their family would get any disease. His wife, who was a nurse, really needed to remain careful. These are ways people are trying their best to remain calm all through the pandemic and prevent their levels of stress from affecting those close or those dear to them. 

We have Benny, a social worker, and she acts as a Mom who stays at home. She stated it is quite natural that husbands and wives with kids would feel lots of stress during the pandemic. 

Like there’s no dodging this stress of a thing. Your kids are at home. You have to train them yourself, the entire relationship dynamic changes with haste. Under severe conditions, you would be stuck at home whether you like it or not, even when there were already issues. She imagined that single parents had suffered it worse. Especially those that have only one kid. 

They do not enjoy any breaks, but that’s because they don’t stay with them, where would they go to. 

The family therapist, John, stated that as the days are still early, couples should find responsible and specific ways to handle uncertainty and anxiety in grand practical ways. 

She had great advice to couples, and she told her partner that both of them could not go having bad days immediately. If you have a bad day today, tomorrow you have to get a good day. Let’s share it. 

What do I think about Couples Handling Pandemic Stress? 

Well, you’re a couple. You have settled down to be together forever. There’s no going back now. I went to a wedding today, and I saw the bride and groom. So beautiful. So in love. And all I could do was to smile and wish them happiness. There’s a problematic and lovely path ahead. It’s a relationship that you MUST go through hard times and good times. You get it. You would be fine, make sure there’s always love. Okay?