When it comes to toxic relationships, it usually has a lot to do with certain amounts of brainwashing, love, and usually a misplaced idea of loyalty and commitment. That being said, victims usually do not even realize that they are victims of this sort of treatment until something happens that triggers the effects of this brainwashing to faze off. Many times, it has to do with the journey to self realization, and this then brings to light the reality that the victim is currently living under. One of the ways to help victims systematically is by introducing them to brainwashing books that are designed to help open their eyes to see their plight. 

3 Brainwashing Books for Self-Care and Recovery

Why Good People Can’t Leave Bad Relationships by Cindi Sansone-Braff

Most good people have the affinity to always want to see the good in other people, and as a result of this, it brings them to a point where they refuse to give up on people. While this is a great trait that would help those who genuinely want to grow evolve, it can also be a form of self-deceit that leaves such a person trapped in a web that suggests that change is possible. Why Good People Can’t Leave Bad Relationships is one that highlights the reasons why good people have the tendency to get attracted to toxic people and how this can keep them trapped in a toxic relationship. It helps such people to recognize these traits and break free of the seemingly never-ending cycle.

Terror, Love, and Brainwashing by Alexandra Stein

The author of Terror, Love, and Brainwashing happens to be a survivor from a cult and an expert when it comes to cults. This book brings to light the intricacies that go into the act of brainwashing and why people are so successful at it on different levels on different scales. This book is effective because a toxic relationship is dependent on the victim being brainwashed into staying in that relationship. From this brainwashing book, a victim would be able to recognize the signs of brainwashing and deal with them accordingly.

Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults & Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias Landau

Take Back Your Life is a powerful one as it talks about both cult life and abusive relationships. Here comparisons and similarities are made between how both function and how the victims are made. This book helps to not only open the eyes of victims to their plight, but it also helps to teach victims to heal from their pain and regain their sense of self-esteem, which is the one thing that is most damaged in the majority of cases involving toxic relationships. This brainwashing book also exposes the appeal that leads people into these situations to begin with.

Coming to terms with the fact that your relationship is a toxic one is not something that is pleasing to anyone, but it is necessary to get out of the situation and heal from it. These brainwashing books are sure to help victims in more ways than one to let go, heal, and move on.