Bad plastic surgery happens when someone feels pressure to look good and they have more money than brains. Which pretty much describes the majority of celebrities out there.

Some of the following don’t quite look like human beings anymore, which would be tragic (this is voluntary! they didn’t have to look like this) if it weren’t so stupid.

Most of these people were genetically blessed to begin with, which makes you wonder why they would risk their good looks just to hold off from aging a tiny bit longer.

And many of the younger celebs on this list have absolutely no excuse at all, as good diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle would have fixed most of any flaws they felt they had.

Here are the fifteen worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters we could dig up, some of which are pretty damn horrifying…


1) Michael Jackson

Surgery botched: Skin lightening, nose jobs, face lifts, etc. etc. etc.

Photographic Evidence:

Could it really have been anyone else? It’s incredible to forget how absolutely normal Michael Jackson looked back in the 70’s and 80’s (attractive even!) before turning into the sideshow freak that he is today.

The guy is absolutely looney tunes so it’s kind of a shame that he was always able to find a doctor to do what he wanted.

Everyone should have told him no after a certain point, which was probably in about 1985.


2) Jocelyn Wildenstein

Surgery botched: Everything she has attempted has apparently turned out terribly

Photographic Evidence:



This woman has spent $4 million on plastic surgery. I would want my money back.

Jocelyn is a wealthy socialite whose husband began cheating on her.

To win him back she began undergoing plastic surgery to transform into a giant cat. Her husband likes big cats. Naturally.

Didn’t work however, and her husband said “She seems to think that you fix a face the same way you fix a house”.


3) Pete Burns

Surgery botched: Lips

Photographic Evidence:

If you’re wondering who Pete Burns is, don’t feel bad, he’s a fairly obscure singer (he’s the You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) guy), but his plastic surgery sins are definitely egregious enough to be included this highly on the list.

Now granted part of what you’re seeing there is intentional (this is a guy who has accused Boy George of ripping off his image), but those lips are absolutely frightening.

Burns agreed and actually filmed a special in the UK called Pete Burns’ Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares.


4) Melanie Griffith

Surgery botched: Face lift and god only knows what else

Photographic Evidence:

This definitely deserves a before shot, just in case you are forgetting how normal Melanie Griffith used to be:

She’s only fifty years old, and she’s pretty much ruined her face.

If I didn’t know it was her I would have honestly pegged the person in the first picture as a woman in her sixties.


5) Vivica Fox

Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Photographic Evidence:

Gotta agree with Perez Hilton on this one, that is pretty disgusting. Fox apparently shares a surgeon with Janet Jackson.


6) Donatella Versace

Surgery botched: Lips, facelift

Photographic Evidence:

And now we are starting to get to the people who are losing all traces of humanity.

Versace isn’t content to grow old in a graceful manner, instead making a mockery of herself.


7) Victoria Beckham

Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Photographic Evidence:

Fittingly, it looks as if she’s had a couple of soccer balls implanted into her chest.


8) Hilary Duff

Surgery botched: Veneers

Photographic Evidence:

Neeeeeeeeigh *snort*


9) Tori Spelling

Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Photographic Evidence:

Not too often you see a “legit” (using that word a little loosely) actress get breast implants that look like giant beach balls, but Spelling was willing to buck the trend.

The money probably could have been a little better spent elsewhere.

I hear French doctors have made some real advancements with facial transplants.


10) Kenny Rogers

Surgery botched: Facelift

Photographic Evidence:

Rogers is someone else who’s not thrilled about his surgery, telling People:

Last year I had so many lines coming in at the side of my eyes up here. So I went in and got my eyes done, and I’m not happy about it. (The surgeon) is going to go in and fix that for me. They’re too tight around the eyelids for me. It drives me crazy.


11) Jessica Simpson

Surgery botched: Lips

Photographic Evidence:

Luckily for Jessica not all bad plastic surgery is permanent.

She talked about her lip enhancement, saying “I had that Restylane stuff … It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that. But… it went away in, like, four months. My lips are back to what they were. Thank God!”


12) Janet Jackson

Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Photographic Evidence:

Never good when you have a giant dent in your boob. Janet needs to head to an autobody shop pronto, get that dent pounded right out.


13) Lil Kim

Surgery botched: Boobs, face work, skin lightened

Photographic Evidence:



Lil Kim is headed down a path forged by Michael Jackson. Can’t wait to see what she looks like in twenty years.


14) Gary Busey

Surgery botched: Veneers

Photographic Evidence:

As the Awful Plastic Surgery site puts it, his teeth look like chiclets.


15) Tara Reid

Surgery botched: Boob Job and Stomach Lipo

Photographic Evidence:

Tara Reid’s stomach looks to be about forty years older than the rest of her.


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Comments: 49

Starly | 1 Sep 2012 – 03:36
laughing sad OMG sad laughing crying Some of the celebs had sweet aces Gawd I didn’t know such thing could do that!

Guest | 18 Jan 2012 – 23:04
dang that shit is nasty

Guest | 6 Nov 2011 – 00:50
When will ppl learn that shit is ugly as hell!!!

Guest | 4 Nov 2011 – 20:57
I wonder what THEY think of their surgery…. I would be pissed!

Guest | 4 Nov 2011 – 18:58
Wow! Need anyone say more???

pooh bear mh | 27 Oct 2011 – 14:22
laughing these people are funny vivica fox had a dent in her chest lol

marti | 9 Oct 2011 – 04:04
laughing What a freak show!

Guest | 28 Sep 2011 – 15:01
I agree with cosmetic surgery, cut the cap about god making you, be happy blah bla blahh. if you are unccomfortable about your appearance or have low self esteem because of your ‘big nose’ or ‘crooked teeth’ than you have every right to get it corrected… i do agree that these celess go too far but i don’t think that you should all sit there saying terrible things about them. i have had a nose job and it looks very natural but the best thing about it is i now feel really comfortable with myself!

lovlygirl | 28 Aug 2011 – 20:51

Guest | 6 Apr 2011 – 17:38
sad Who are we to judge! These people need therapy and strength to accept themselves, that no one is perfect in this world and that we are all Gods children.

Guest | 21 Mar 2011 – 00:55
i thank its funny they the dumb ones

Guest | 8 Mar 2011 – 22:52
Michael Jackson did not lighten his skin. He had a skin disorder called vitiligo that destroyed the pigmentation. The rest, no one will know why he did what he did to such a fresh, handsome face.

KittyCat3 | 7 Mar 2011 – 02:55
Our body is a wonderful gift from god!
These people have no more brains than a shrimp!
That is : enough to know how to sing, dance, eat, and talk, but not enough to know how to act!
To think that these people are somebodies roll model!!!
I never want to be famous!!
No paparatzi, peer (celeb) pressure, or press.
I mean come on! I don’t want me picking my nose to be a national scandal!!!!!
They’re so dumb!!!!!

Guest | 25 Jan 2011 – 13:30
Plastic/cosmetic surgery has it’s place. I’ve had surgery to my face. I’ve had a nose job, surgery on my eyes and lower jaw…

However my surgery was carried out, mainly because I had disfigurements to my face due to complications during my birth.
I see these "celebs" as doing people like me a favour, as surgeons need to experiment and improve on their techniques in order to better help out the worthier cases that come to them.

brittanya milliano | 20 Jan 2011 – 18:16
this is stupid on thier part because god is not pleased when u try and change yourself and in their case they look wroster than before. people should also so bleaching their skin and tanning thats ridiculous also be happy with the skin your

Guest | 20 Jan 2011 – 18:12
wassat tongue sad angry crying smile

Krissi | 9 Jan 2011 – 14:08
wink wassat sad That’s AWESOME!!!! Why did they do it?! They don’t look normal. They’re UGLY. Really. Poor stars…They have more money then brains.

DARYU | 23 Aug 2010 – 23:55

Paige | 22 Aug 2010 – 19:25
Jocelyn Wildenstein && Donatella Versace Are The Worst Id Have To Kill Myself If I Looked Like Them tongue

Guest | 18 Aug 2010 – 20:05
They are all ugly

Sandy | 18 Aug 2010 – 20:03
They are all too fucking ugly only hilarry duff

Guest | 31 Jul 2010 – 08:27
yaikkk.. they should’ve been in a nightmare and woke up in an even worse fact. spend your money on meeee.. wink

windy | 31 Jul 2010 – 08:26
yaikkk..if only the spent d’money for something to staytune in my cyber cafe tongue

blueeyes | 24 Jul 2010 – 13:56
well. these people are stupid. i was shocked to see hilary duff on this list: she was really pretty! i always wanted to look like her… until now. and the woman with the cat face? obviously insane. there should be a consoltation of the mind for these celebrities before they even think about going under the knife. if a woman came into me asking for plastic surgery to become more like a cat, id fucking run. yeah, we all have insecurities but this is too far. FAR FAR too far. sad

Guest | 10 Jul 2010 – 09:44
yakssssss…disgusting…if these are all they can do with money,,,,,,,it’s wiser if they are not having any……

Uknomewell | 26 Jun 2010 – 20:55
crying tongue laughing im sum ppl really shouldn’t have done surgeries. Sum of them looked way better before. And if they felt like they weren’t perfect enough, they should’ve had theropy.

Guest | 26 Jun 2010 – 08:32
this hasta be fake guys comon victoria beckam doesent have breasts like that)

all | 11 Jun 2010 – 17:08
crying shame

Guest | 4 Jun 2010 – 18:46
laughing What are they doing to their lives!Our body is very important cause it’s god’s creation!So does that mean that those celebrities didnt like god’s creation?huh!After all I have nothing to do with them,that’s their own body!

Shayla | 2 Jun 2010 – 21:09

Guest | 25 May 2010 – 03:05
you know why people do this? because judgemental arseholes like you make them feel preassured into looking better than the average person. it is sad. how dare you judge them for their mistakes when you are the cause. grow up.

Guest | 29 Apr 2010 – 03:37

Anonimous | 28 Apr 2010 – 20:13
Rofl well… It sucks that people look at celebritys and think this bull shit is beutiful not to mention un natural… Only exception is for health reasons..tongue

tashie | 7 Mar 2010 – 13:54
why cant they just be happy wif what they have in the first place, theres things id love to change bout myself but the thought of it going wrong alone makes me get a grip ha, honeslty dont mess with nature gurls

Victoria Ann Weiner | 17 Feb 2010 – 23:23
laughing soo funny but i wonder why they dooo this



sexy girl | 17 Dec 2009 – 15:22
i dont know why they did it like this…. maybe they r more stupid than others…..they dont know how too spend their money….they become awful than before…

Guest | 1 Dec 2009 – 20:41
lil kim was much more pretty before!!! she looked so sweet, but now… sad

Guest | 26 Nov 2009 – 14:47
lil kim is way more better shes the only person who looks goodsmile

Guest | 12 Nov 2009 – 02:20
i must say damnn

Guest | 12 Nov 2009 – 02:20
i must say DAMNN

madison… | 14 Oct 2009 – 14:06
some people need to wear a one-piece. JUST GIVE IT UP.


Jade | 5 Oct 2009 – 14:30
Freakshow…wassat especially Jocelyn Wildenstein

Guest | 24 Sep 2009 – 05:08
vivica fox and janet looks good tongue

Guest | 17 Sep 2009 – 02:42
it is quite amazing what some people are willing to do with their bodies. sad

Guest | 19 Jul 2009 – 00:14
lil kim prolly looks like the only one who looks good. before and after,

MickeyHickey | 30 Jun 2009 – 11:59
i like michael jackson and am looking forward to his concertstongue

obama | 26 May 2009 – 07:27

black | 23 May 2009 – 06:51
i think they are not proud of their body but it’s not a raison to do surgery. The money can serve for helping poor or other things more necessary than changing face, boobs, tips, or i don’t not what else. They’re bad and crazy. They must know that money is not always with the same person.

emily | 6 Apr 2009 – 14:58
theseeeee people are disguisting

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